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Once we across a Roadster that wasn't quite normal. Although it had UK plates, its specification was not like one we had heard of before.

The owner of the car believed that it was a Roadster Light. This was easily forgiven considering the two badges under the side repeaters:

However, the car had a 60kW (80bhp) engine, electric roof, autolights and rain sensors. Contrary to these extras, the car only had Light seats, and a smart Radio unit without the CD player. It was certainly an unusual mixture of components! But the most confusing detail was this:

The key was similar to those on the mk1-3 fortwos, which used an infra-red signal to open the car. However, this Roadster key had two transmitters - one for the boot and one for the doors. The receiver was located by the rear view mirror:

Another characteristic was the presence of an unbuckled seatbelt warning light on the dash, not available on the UK models even though there is provision on the circuit board.

But our suspicions were confirmed when checking the VIN plate... Daimler Chrysler Japan.