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Depending on your preference, you may wish to perform an oil change as part of an intermediate service. You must replace the oil filterat the same time.

In order to change the oil, you will need 4 litres of fully synthetic oil and an oil suction pump. We used a Pela 6000 oil extractor.

Before you begin, warm up the car to 3 blobs (80-90degrees) in order to reduce the oil viscosity. This can be achieved by a quick spin around the block. Switch the engine off and allow the oil to settle for 5 minutes.

Remove the dipstick. Insert the tube of the oil extractor all the way down to the sump. Loosen the filler cap and begin extracting the oil.

Pump the handle on the Pela no more than twenty times and allow the oil to flow out of the sump.

While the oil is being drained, undo the oil filter cover with a 27mm socket. Ensure that there is something underneath to catch the oil. An old biscuit tub is ideal.


Allow the oil to drain out into the tub and clean up the face with a paper towel.


Remove the rubber seal with a screwdriver and pull out the old filter from the case. Give the case a bit of a clean and fiit the new filter.


Replace the seal with with the new one supplied with the filter. Smear a little bit of fresh oil over this so that it will create a good seal. Refit the filter and case back to the car.


Tighten the filter to 25Nm. Wipe off any excess oil that might have seeped out during tightening.

Pump the Pela extractor again to remove the remaining oil. You will hear it bubbling when it's close to the end. Slide the hose in and out of the dipstick hole to remove any residual oil.

Now beginning carefully filling with fresh oil.

The Roadster engine takes approximately 3.2 litres of oil. After 2.5 litres, we suggest replacing the dipstick and checking the level. If it doesn't even register, put in another half-litre and check again.

Note: We have found discrepancies between several official smart manuals. Some say that the engine takes 3.0l of oil, others say 3.25l. All Roadster engines have the same oil capacity.

Keep topping up the oil until you can see the level rise to just above the MIN level on the dipstick. You will have to look carefully as fresh oil is very clear. The ideal position is as follows:

It is very important not to overfill the smart engine otherwise you may cause irreparable damage. Oil expands when warm and filling the oil to this lower level will allow for natural expansion to the MAX line.

Refit the filler cap, ensure the dipstick is fully home and take the car for a drive up until it is up to temperature. Check the oil again and top up if necessary.

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