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With the bonnet closed, you will see two black screw caps at either end of the scuttle, circled below. Use a very fine tool to pop them off. The plastic marks very easily so be very careful as any damage will be quite noticable. If you choose to sacrifice your caps, or have lost them, then they can bee reordered from smart under the following part number:

PLUG FRESH AIR: SQ001 3027 V002 C22A 00

Under the caps you will reveal two T30 bolts: one either side. These come complete with a washer that barely fits through the hole. Don't worry if you can't get them out just yet.

Open the bonnet. You will see the other bolt that holds the bonnet lid in place. This is circled in the foreground with the previously revealed one circled in the background. Be careful as you undo this second set of bolts as the whole bonnet will become loose.

With the whole bonnet loose, you should now be able to remove the first two bolts though the hole in the scuttle. If you still struggle, freeing the scuttle will allow a bit more 'play'. The following shows all the bolts holding this assembly in place:

With two people, hold the the bonnet either side and slide it towards the front of the car to unhook it from the scuttle. The bonnet will now be free.

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