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Oil coolers are vital in prolonging the life and performance of your car, especially if your using it on the track.

The kit shown was put together by ourselves so it may vary slightly from kits you can buy elsewhere, the basic principle however remains the same.

To get started you will need to drain the oil from the car as you would if you were doing an oil change.

Remove the oil filter housing with a 27mm socket, you will need something to catch the excess oil.

Lightly rub a small amount of oil around the rubber seal of the new adapter and screw it on as tight as you can by hand, using a socket give it a quarter turn more.

From now on during this guide we will show you the steps off the car as it makes it alot easier to understand.

Lightly lube the face of the adapter plate and place it onto the spin-on adapter.

Screw the securing bolt through the adapter plate and again tighten by hand, giving it a further quarter turn with a socket.

Screw down the male to male adapters down ensuring you use good quality sealing rings.

The unions now screw down onto the adapters, ensure these are tight.

The oil filter can now be screwed onto the plate using the normal procedure.

Run the hoses up to the front of the car ensuring they clear any moving parts, the ends can now be secured firmly with clips.

Now the pipes have been run under the undertray, the front of the car will need removing.

Please follow the guide here for removal: Roadster front end removal

With the front end removed you can see what room you have to for mounting.

When making our kit we opted for a 13 row cooler you can however go bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

We've modified a corner bracket to secure the cooler in place, it is vital that the new cooler is as tight up against the existing radiator as possible.

The pipes need to be back-filled with oil, along with the new cooler to ensure there will be enough oil in the system for the cars first turn.

Secure the pipes, making note of any moving parts i.e. Steering rack and wishbones.

The car now needs to be re-assembled, the oil added and levels checked.

If you've used a thermostat controlled sandwich plate as we've done here you will need to check the levels frequently for the first few miles as when the stat opens the level will drop slightly.

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