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To remove the front panel you must first remove the bonnet here.
Then also you must remove the sideskirts here.

First unscrew the aerial.

Open the door and using a T27 torx bit, remove the securing screw (and then lever out the pin) from the triangle.

Underneath the triangle you need to remove the T25 and the T27 screws shown (repeat both sides of the car).

With the door still open, remove the single plastic rivet pin using pliers (or similar).

Remove the single T25 torx screw at the base of the panel where the skirt covers.

Close the door, and this should now free up the panel for it to be pulled out.

Underneath the front spoiler are two clips which attach the panel to the undertray. Reach under and unclip them.

Remove the four remaining T25 torx bits. Two are shown here, and are the same on the opposite side.

Lift the panel and unclip from the small '+' locating lugs.

Unplug the indicators from the lenses, and the foglights (if fitted).

Now the panel can be removed.

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