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This is often referred to a "cruise control" but we prefer to use the term "speed control". This is because cruise control is only one element of the speed controller stalk. Both functions of speed control are:

  • Cruise Control
  • Speed Limiter

Both functions are actuated using this stalk:

Speed control (or tempomat) was available as a factory option on all 698cc fortwos. If you haven't got it, it can be fitted by using this guide. If you do have the stalk this guide aims to give you clear instructions on its use.

When you start the car, it will be in one of two modes. Look in the speedo LCD to see which mode it is in.

Cruise Control Mode: Speed Limiter Mode:

Switching between modes is discussed later.

Cruise Control Mode

To set cruise:

As you drive off, cruise control is in stand-by mode. Once you have reached the desired speed (as an example let's call this 68mph), you can set cruise control by twisting and releasing the collar switch down as follows:

Lift off the accelerator and the car will continue at the set speed. Please note that this will only work if you are above 18mph (30km/h). If you are in manual gearshift mode, you will need to operate the gears when going up / down hill. This can take some getting used to!

If you want to come out of cruise control for any reason, you can do one of two things:

Press the brake pedal
Press the button on the end of the cruise stalk briefly

The car will also come out of cruise control if the ESP system is actuated for any reason. If this happens on a regular basis for no apparent reason, check your ABS rings.

To resume cruise:

If you have already used cruise control since setting off on your journey, you can resume the speed you were traveling at by twisting and releasing the collar switch towards CONT (continue) as follows:

The car will accelerate to the previously set speed. You may need to use the gears and the car will be quite heavy on the throttle. Be careful that you don't crash into the back of anyone! Once you have reached the previously set speed (68mph in our example), the car will cruise at that speed.

Again, you can come out of cruise the same way as before.

Note: you cannot resume the previous cruise setting unless you are traveling above 18mph (30km/h).

Accelerating / Decelerating:

Supposing you were cruising along the motorway at 68mph and wanted to speed up momentarily to overtake, you can use the accelerator pedal normally. As you push the pedal, the car will speed up. When you release the pedal, the car will slow down but stop at the set cruise speed.

If you wanted to change your cruise speed setting you can twist and hold the collar switch until you have reached the desired revised speed:

Accelerating to new speed
Decelerating to new speed

As soon as you have reached your new speed, let go of the collar switch.

You can also achieve the same result by coming out of cruise, speed up / slow down and set the new speed by twisting the collar down.

Changing between Cruise Control and Speed Limiter

For obvious reasons, you cannot simultaneously operate in both modes.

To toggle between the modes, press and hold the button on the end of the speed stalk until you hear a beep-beep.

The 'LIM' indicator will show which mode you are in.

Cruise Control Mode:Speed Limiter Mode:

Speed Limiter

This can be very useful where you have speed cameras but the fluctuation in general traffic speed precludes using cruise control.

Firstly, ensure you are in speed limiter mode.

Setting the speed limiter

To set the speed limiter, briefly twist the collar switch either up or down.

Look where the mileage or outside temperature usually is in the LCD. You may see horizontal lines or a number. If you see a number, this is the speed which the car will not exceed no matter how hard you press the accelerator (50mph in this example):

If you see horizontal lines, you will need to twist the switch once again to a speed reading. The car will select a speed similar to what you are currently travelling at.

Adjusting the speed limiter:

To change the speed limiter setting, simply twist the collar switch to the desired speed setting (twist and hold also works). This will change in 2mph increments. The minimum speed limit you can set is 20mph. The maximum is 90mph.

Note: if you are setting a lower speed two what you are travelling at (e.g. you want to set 50mph but are travelling at 68mph) you will hear constant beeping until you slow down to the speed limiter speed.

Cancelling the speed limiter:

Press the button on the end of the stalk briefly. You can also push the accelerator pedal to the floor and then a little bit further until you feel the click of the kickdown. Both with have the same effect.

The speed limiter is cancelled. However, you will still notice that LIM still displays in the display. This is because you are still in this mode. To resume the limiter, simply twist the collar switch either way and you will see your set speed in the display. The car will once again be limited to this speed.

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